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By Janpan

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I was given this plant as a birthday present two years ago in a large pot, however the palms at the bottom apear to be dieing, also the palms leaves moveing up. It looks to me that it needs repotting, is it ok to repot in another larger pot, is there anything special i should do when repotting this plant. also when is the best time to do so.

Sid, to your question, the only name on the label is the name i have put up, i am unable to put a picture up.

On plant Trachycarpus fortunei



welcome to GoY. if it is pot bound pot into a larger pot, but dont bury the stem any deeper than it is. cut the dying leaves off to improve the appearance. I would think now would be a good time. someone else will have more info i am sure.

20 Mar, 2009


Do you know what type of palm it is? Is there a lable? Could you post a picture?

20 Mar, 2009

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