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I planted broad beans outside in a plot over 4 weeks ago. I didn't soak them in water, as I didn't know then I had to. They have not appeared yet. How long before they start to grow ? I also planted onion sets three weeks ago and they haven't appeared yet either. How long till onion sets appear ?



I have never soaked my main crop beans and expect them to show about a month or sow after planting if weather has been kind,I cant resist the urge to dig around one to check it! as for onion sets, I planted mine 3 days ago, some are shooting already I leave them showing, maybe yours are too deep

20 Mar, 2009


I dont soak mine either, the rain will be adequate. a month outside is still early if the weather has been cold. i started mine in pots in the coldframe and they just started to show 4 days ago. they wonted be planted out for at least a fortnight.

20 Mar, 2009


Probe the soil to see if your broad beans are still there, also your onion set. They could have been taken by birds or mice or it may have been too cold so they have rotted.

20 Mar, 2009


I don't soak my beans either - just sowed them today along with my onion sets - I have awaited some warm weather before sowing. Onion sets should be planted quite shallowly so that the tip is showing above the soil or is just bearly covered up - this warm weather we're having at the mo should spur them into growth. As Dr b says, gently dig around one to see what's happening.

20 Mar, 2009

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