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what plants can help stop soil erosion?


By Novice2

Germany De

Have a garden on a steep incline, soil erosion a problem. some places have netting in place to help keep back soil but thisdoesn't look nice. Need advice on best plants to buy if they don't need a lot of maintenance this would be advantageous.



Funny enough, I'd written this info. down when reading a book on wildlife and gardening. It mentioned Lamium, Vinca and Stachys as being good for ground cover, helps prevent weeds and also helps prevent soil erosion. It mentioned these plants also provide cover for insects. Hope this helps!

20 Mar, 2009


Thanks for quick response Craftnutter, I'll be going to the garden centre this weekend to try and find the plants you have suggested.

20 Mar, 2009


Im planting a slope up at the moment, its only about a 35degree angle though - Im using small ivy, vinca, alpine strawberries and chamomile in places where I might tread on it (I love the smell)

20 Mar, 2009


No problem Novice2. You could also try "froogle" for the lowest prices with which to compare for each plant, so you know if you're getting a good deal or not.

20 Mar, 2009


This situation requires some planning to get pleasing and long-lasting results. Try to get your hands on a book by Graham Stuart Thomas called 'Plants for Ground Cover' published by J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd. Aldine House, Bedford St., London (1970). It covers all aspects of ground cover and is well illustrated. Try Amazon, or, if possible an antiquarian bookshop maybe.

21 Mar, 2009

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