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Can anyone help me identify the 3 trees in the foreground of this picture please?

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I'm embarassingly clueless on gardening things! There is 1 tree to the left of the picture and 2 on the right. This is the clearest picture i have as currently there are no leaves on them.




The one on the left looks like a Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia', but the others I can't make out - does the one nearest to the front flower?

19 Mar, 2009


Thank you!
Yes it does flower, drops a blossom all over the patio. Could it be a cherry tree and the one behind it a japanese maple do you think? I'm sure i've been told the names of the before by visitors and i'm depserately trying to remember!

19 Mar, 2009


i think the one in the right foreground is a cherry. does the bark have orangey horizontal 'scars' ? this would help confirm it as cherry. Is the blosom pink or white and does it flower april/may? if answer is yes to all then cherry is favourite.

19 Mar, 2009


the blossom is white and i think it did flower around May last year - i'll go with a cherry. Many thanks for your help.

19 Mar, 2009


Sbg, that's what I thought - it's why I asked if it flowered!

19 Mar, 2009


we should join the police with our detective skills! not!

19 Mar, 2009

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