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keeping animals of gardens


By Lough

United Kingdom Gb

other than dare i say a ... how can you keep neighbors dogs from soiling my garden continously



Could you not erect netting on your side of the boundary and pretend you are growing some climbers (ie sweet peas, runner beans etc) or invest in a fence/wall? I've just planted my boundary with mixed hedging, but that will take a while and depending on the size of the dogs, they may still get underneath???

We used to have 2 cats that lived next door to us, and once, we were sooooo fed up with clearing up the cats' poo's, that we slung the cat poo over the fence. The neighbour's soon got the message!!!

19 Mar, 2009


i think the first step is to ask if the neighbour is aware their dogs are getting out. if they are then you need to point out what they are doing. The neighbour may be unaware and once they find out they may be mortified.
if this doesnt work you could do as my hubby has done in the past. collected the dog on a lead and the dog mess. knocked on the door 'is this your dog?' when the response was yes he then offered the dog across with the bag. neighbour looking non plussed took the bag and recoiled when she looked in side. hubby explained it was part of the dog and still very fresh. she appologised and kept her pooch in after that. like craftnutter the cat poo goes over the fence into the cat owners garden.

19 Mar, 2009


I agree, you need to speak to them. I have a cat but she only poos on my garden. I hate it but it's my cat, I'll deal with it. The neighbours love her, partly for that I think but I also have a neighbour who has regularly said she thinks her dog 'might' have pooped on my garden as she just ran into it. I've been nice until I trod in it as I got in the car, didn't realise then went to work with it up my trousers (not good as a teacher!), then I kneeled in some as I was gardening and now I'm ready to collect it and take it to them, just as Seaburngirl did. It's also bad if you have kids in your garden and as it's not your pet you shouldn't have to put up with it. It's a total lack of respect on their part if they know their dogs are out and about.

19 Mar, 2009


There is a strange but true method I have heard about but not needed to use - place plastic bottles of water around the places the dog goes and you'll find the problem solved. I don't know why it works, but it does!

20 Mar, 2009


go to a zoo for big cat poo for the cats as they are very weary of higher preditors.they are quick learners as they are can also get a high power water pistel which wont hurt but again the cats will remember and for dogs well that needs addressing in a tactfull way but they basicly shouldnt be aloud to run about.i find nieghbers like it or lump it are better to get on with even if you dont perticuly like doubt thowing there poo back over there garden mite work on some people it definatly wont on others and you will just create an enemy instead.tact is the key i believe

20 Mar, 2009


if none of this works get the dog warden out as it seams the neighber isnt with his dog or inviromentle health as the worms that dogs carry get confused when they get into a human and end up in your eyes etc i am an avid dog owner so im not biast

20 Mar, 2009


OMG! I just realised how bad my "throwing" cat poo over the fence sounds. We did tell the neighbours first what was happening, but nothing happened. After we threw the poo over, we then saw some cat litter trays in the back garden which then worked and the cats stopped coming in our garden. Just wanted to clarify things........

20 Mar, 2009


i agree to a point nutter in the end i feal like doing the same maybe but imagine if the nieghbers have say a little baby and it lands strate on them.not good and once you fall out with some neighbers theres no turning back

20 Mar, 2009

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