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What variety of jasmine should I get?


By Krystal

Pickens/ South Carolina, United States Us

I had asked what type of fragrant plant I should get and got an overload of jasmine what type? I keep my windows open from spring to fall. I'm planing to plant lavender in front as well so something that would mix well with that. I also know that I want to plant night-blooming jasmine out there. Is it ok to mix types of jasmine? Thank you in advance for your answers.



I'm no expert but I would have thought you could mix your varieties. Can you not get a book on them at your main library for advice? You could have both winter and summer jasmine's but I have both these and the evergreen is useful colour when it's not in flower. You could try "froogle" and see the different sorts that are sold. These internet sellers are usually happy to give free advice too. Happy hunting!

19 Mar, 2009


Don't forget to look at the trachelospermums which are jasmines in all but name and some IMO have longer lasting perfumes. They have 'propeller' flowers (you'll know what I mean when you see one) which are fascinating for children up to 90!

19 Mar, 2009

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