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hi im also thinking of growing my own veg im thinking i need a poly tunnel or should i just leave them to the elements or does it depend on the type of veg



depends on the veg to some extent. summer veg will crop slightly earlier in a tunnel, and might be more 'tender' but things like cabbages,sprouts & parsnips, typical winter veg would be better outside. having said all that its only what i have read over the years. there are sure to be people on GoY that do it for real. Oh and welcome to GoY.

18 Mar, 2009


thanks for the reply iasking all the questions as ive moved into a bungalow from a flat after a massive stroke 2 years ago when i was 30 as im home all the time i thought i would try some gardening

18 Mar, 2009


you will find it very theraputic. hope your recovery is almost complete and you enjoy the garden.

18 Mar, 2009


Me to new to veggie smy husband made a raised veggie bed out of old slabs turned on their sid eas we werelaying a new path.

You can now plant veggies in plant pots in stead of flowers now .

Dear Richard I cared for my Dear dad for 11yrs after him having a massive stroke .

I was a voluntee rfor 10yrs with chest heeart scotland and did a lot of fundrainign abseiled and did ladies drivign chalenge.

Yes gardning very theraputic.

And you have the summer seaon ahead of you to enjoy .

19 Mar, 2009


just want to thank you both

21 Mar, 2009

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