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I have just purchased two bleeding heart tubers in a bag and I am having a bit of trouble determining which end is up...they have a cut end and an end that appears to have new growth on it, but when I planted them with the new growth looking end up; it be

kentucky, United States Us

The tubers are approximately 4-5 inches and are cut at one end and the other end appear to be new growth that is curved down toward the other end. I planted them 2 inches deep according to the package, but the exposed part that looked to be new growth began to dry up after a day even though it was watered very well. This makes me think maybe it is upside down and the cut end is where the plant was cut back. I don't see any small roots anywhere.



they often have a papery dried layer that the new growth emerges from. evn if the wrong way round they will make their way up. the other alternative is to lay them on their side and then they wont have so far to grow. you wont see fibrous roots as they have died back after they were lifted.

18 Mar, 2009

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