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I have 2 bleeding hearts in pots, can i plant in a heavy clay semi shade border? also how can I encourage it to become bushier?

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Yes, mine are in clay soil in semi-shade. They are very happy. I've not had to encourage mine to get bushy, each year they get bigger and bushier.
I should think just putting them in the ground would do the trick.

9 May, 2010


I think I will, but when is the best time to do this? thank you

9 May, 2010


Any time. I would do it now if there won't be a drastic change for them, ie going from a warm spot to a cold/windy one.
Dig a nice big hole for them and give them some good compost to get them started and you'll (hopefully) get some beautiful plants.
Mine have a little shelter from the winds as they're behind a low edging, it seems to protect the new shoots a bit from the harsh weather during the winter.
I even have a photo of them in full bloom and covered in snow! They didn't mind at all!

9 May, 2010



9 May, 2010


I put mine into same and it is thriving...

10 May, 2010


well I replanted both in my border so fingers crossed.

12 May, 2010


will keep mine crossed for you.They are a lovely plant eh

12 May, 2010

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