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what are the best plants for a 10 in hanging basket

New brunswick, Canada Ca

I need a list of ones for sun or shade



Fuchsias ,surfinas,petuinas, verbena ,buzi lissie, or a sald basket .Clematis nice in a basket

Or make a ball with your 10 baskets and grow livingstone daise in them .

18 Mar, 2009


In shade, not many basket plants are happy. Busy Lizzies are, with some green trailing plants like Dichondra, Helichrysum, Nepeta, Lysimachia or variegated ivies. Fuchsias don't mind some shade, either.

In sun, there's an amazing variety available! Trailing Geraniums, bacopa, Scaevola, trailing pansies, Diascia, Nasturiums,Begonias, Bidens,Anagallis, Brachycome, trailing sweet peas, even trailing tomatoes... take a look in your local GC - they have a range of plug plants at the moment and they even sell packs of colour-co-ordinated plants to save you time, if that's short.

Have fun choosing!

18 Mar, 2009


Jersey direct free postage an dplant connection free postage for plug plants

18 Mar, 2009

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