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any body know anything about fuchias

Newcastle, United Kingdom Gb

Fuchias are new to me. I got some off my friend when she moved .At the moment they are doing nothing .Should they be showing some sign of life? I dont know if they are hardy semi hardy or anything. They are in tubs and are small to medium in size. Some where single but two where double thanks mavis



Hi Mavisc. I don't know what sort of winter you've had, but a lot of gardeners have lost their hardy fuschia's this year due to the cold. I've lost all 3 of mine. If they'd survived, they should be shooting new leaf growth at the base, with the dead stems/last year's growth on top.

Some fuschia's are not hardy at all and won't come back.

Sorry couldn't be of more help!

17 Mar, 2009


Hywel is very good on Fuchsias - type 'Blodyn' into the search box (top right) and send him a private message in case he doesn't see your question.

17 Mar, 2009


I lost all my fuchsias wit this long cold spell we hav ehad Mavisc52.

But if you scrape your nail along the stem and it shows green you know your fuchsia is still alive.

17 Mar, 2009


Be patient..i live in bonny Scotland all my fuscia's survived the winter last year, they started sprouting late April when it finally heated up and I had a cracking show of blooms all summer

17 Mar, 2009


my brother up on the coast at sunderland has found new growth at soil level this weekend so dont give up yet. Scotkat's 'scrape' technique is a good rule of thumb for most shrubs.

17 Mar, 2009


It's been very cold here with lots of snow but I have just noticed a hint of life on my hardy fuschias. I am a bit lazy and have left several out for a couple of years which weren't supposed to be hardly and so far they have come back although they are always later showing signs of life. I wouldn't give up on them yet, it is still early.

17 Mar, 2009


My hardiest and earliest starters ('Mrs Popple') are just starting to show growth. I'm in the South West and you're a fair way north of me so don't give up yet!
Remember that anything in a tub is more susceptible to frost (and dehydration!) than things planted in the ground so if you can get your fuschias planted out, it would give you an advantage next winter.

21 Mar, 2009

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