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Peony planted too shallow?


By Bryony

United Kingdom Gb

This year is my first time growing a peony and I planted it in a hurry and possibly too shallow (only covered with about one inch of soil because I was going away and wanted to get it in the ground).

Now something that looks like a green unopened flowerbud with petals is poking through the surface. Is it coming up too soon because I planted it too shallow? How should it look when it pokes through the surface? Should I plant another now or is it too late?



All our peonies are putting their noses up above the ground. This is the right time of year for them. Generally I don't plant deeply, although maybe a bit more than an inch. Don't worry though, if the peony thinks that it is too shallow for comfort then it has a mechanism that it can pull itself deeper into the soil.

16 Mar, 2009


The top of a Peony should never be more than an inch below the surface. The buds need a period of cold ripening to initiate flowering. Deep planting is the main reason why they have a reputation for not flowering. It takes a while for the plant to pull itself up in the soil to get its buds on the surface. Accidently you did the right thing. Some of ours are actually lying on the surface and they flower and grow very well indeed.

16 Mar, 2009


Agree totally with Bulbaholic and Owdboggy. The foliage when first coming through does look like flower buds so don't worry at all.

16 Mar, 2009


Thanks so much, I was about to cover it with soil :-D

16 Mar, 2009


Planting a paeony too deeply may delay its flowering by several years. They are very hardy plants so shallow planting will not be a problem

16 Mar, 2009

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