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By Zandra

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i would love to have a small pond in my garden but dont know what i would need can you help?



Well Zandra my own pond is very small, and very basic. It's situated where a huge tree used to be and it made sense to use the hole for something. After taking any stones, sticks etc. out and putting sand down it was lined with a sheet of pvc. I put some rocks around the edges and filled it with water. I put oxygenating plants in first and then some deep marginals and some floating plants. I also bought a water lilly, however as soon as it's leaves reached the surface they were eaten by something.
I think there is a picture of it in it's first stages and I'm hoping for better things this year.
I found frog's spawn a week ago - so someone must like it.

14 Mar, 2009


i have a pond been in for a few years now i would reccomend you buy a decent liner for it mine is butyl and was guaranteed for 15 years well worth it i think. we lined the hole with old carpet then the liner, put in the water and trimmed the liner, edged with stones and small paving slabs, then put in some oxygenating plants, oh and don't forget a shelf round the edge about half way down so you can put marginal plants in mine are in pots, you must use special aquatic compost though as ordinary can harm fish etc., it will change the water compostition. i love mine and we have frogs newts etc., every year

14 Mar, 2009


I would recommend using a plastic or butyl liner rather than a pre -formed rigid one. It is important to get the leveling correct as you can end up with seeing the liner exposed if you don't. One method of covering up the liner at the edges is by building a shelf below the water line wide enough to carry rocks which, placed on top of each other extend higher than the ground level. A further layer of rocks can be placed on ground level. Another method is to create a shelf below the water's edge which gently slopes to ground level and place turf over the liner which carries on to the water's edge. You can also put paving around it or overhanging rocks. In addition by creating other shelves at various depths you can grow different types of water plants. If you go to a garden centre that sells water plants it will give you an idea of what plants are available and what depth of shelves to make.

A pond can be as small or as big as you like, but if it is very tiny fish will be unable to survive in it, unless you use a pump, filter, and heater all year round! This will mean getting an outdoor electricity supply, as well as the pump, filter and heater.

Normally it is recommended to site a pond where it has at least some sunshine - this is particularly important if you want a water lily as it may not bloom otherwise.

If the pond has full sun, it is a good idea to put some water plants in it that cover 1/3 to 1/2 of the surface to help prevent the water going green with algae.

If you don't want too much maintenance, it is better not to site the pond under trees, or you will constantly be fishing leaves out.

If you want to keep fish the pond should be at least 60 cm deep ( in the UK) so it can't freeze solid - it depends where you live and how cold your winters are though.

If you make a formal pond with steep sides it is important to have a little ramp/ bricks built up somewhere on the inside of the pond so that small animals that fall in can get out and not drown.

14 Mar, 2009


hi zandra well you need dig a hole in the centre dig little deeper so if you stood in that hole there is a ledge around you put a layer of sand that cushions the liner ive got one of trhe mouldered type you can see my pictures depends on what look you want rocks look nice or you can have a formal looking pond out of bricks wood and put that liner in ..hope i helped a little

15 Mar, 2009


Hi,im changing my liner to a heavy duty one,just having a wildlife pond,type in 'wildlife ponds' and it will give lot's of information of how to build one..good luck..and enjoy it

21 Mar, 2009


I need to re-do my wildlife pond,im not happy with the i would strongly suggest careful planning,design,and dont rush into it being completed,leave it a few days so you can make any change's,before you line it and cut it!!

31 Mar, 2009


thankyou all for yor advice and ideas there much apprieciated i will let you know how i get on,no chance at the moment we are still getting rain,wind and its cold.thanks again sorry for delay in replying.

9 May, 2009

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