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What plants don't rabbits like

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Over last couple of years I have tried to introduce new plants and colour to my garden but the rabbits keep eating them - any ideas on what plants they don't like?



Roy Lancaster says: Bergenia, Agapanthus, Astilbe, Alchemilla mollis, Hellebores, Euphorbias, Lamium, Paeonies, Narcissi, Aquilegia, Japanese Anemones, Michaelmas Daisies, Convallaria, Kniphofia, Hepet nervosa, Pummonaria and Sedum.

That's quite a lot of plants that they don't like! I hope yOU like some of them... Good luck.

14 Mar, 2009


welcome to GoY hope you enjoy the site and get some inspiration.

14 Mar, 2009


Hi, a few years ago, we had the same prob at our caravan. Tried everything, should have put up a notice,
Kens Salad Bar. then we tried Begonia Sempervirens. No worries after that, only ones we lost were the ones they dug out. they were easily popped back in. Also, with the bronze leaves, there is plenty colour


14 Mar, 2009


Sorry I made a couple of 'typos' in my list - it should be 'Pulmonaria' and 'Nepeta nervosa' I wrote it in too much of a hurry!

14 Mar, 2009


I'm afraid I can't help as I have rabbits in the garden as well, mine are pets though,but they will nibble anything, including euphorbia.

There is a product on the market called "Grazers". I have no idea if it works or not, but I have bought some and am going to try it out this spring. You dilute 30 mls in 5 litres of water and spray it onto the leaves when it is dry outside. It is supposed to last up to 6 weeks, but depends on how much rainfall you have after spraying. I was told it was safe for wildlife including bunnies. It says it is a calcium chloride solution. They are apparently are put off by the smell/taste.

There is more information at I have only bought one container as I want to see if it works first!

14 Mar, 2009

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