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What's wrong with my convolvulus?


By Newkid

London, United Kingdom Gb

My convolvulus were healthy looking specimens but they look decidedly ropey. Should I prune them back and see if they recover or are they a dead loss and should I dig them up?
Any advice for this novice gardener?



Many plants look dead after our cold wet winter. If you scratch a little bit of the stem, if it is still green it has some life in it, if it breaks up in your fingers it is dead.
With your garden being dark and damp perhaps you could do away with the lawn and have agregate, which is light in colour. Pots and troughs for growing, choose plants to grow in shaded areas.

12 Mar, 2009


Hi Newkid, I have just looked at your profile. If mowing the lawn is 'difficult' I would get rid of it and, as an alternative to Doctorbobs agregate, I would create paths, raised beds and/or damp garden beds - assuming you don't need a childrens play area. Then you have opportunity for many exciting new ventures.
Oh, if and when you dig up the lawn don't send it to the rubbish dump. Take the turves to a corner of the garden and stack them neatly, upside down, and leave them for a few years.You will then have a lovely supply of loam for future work in your garden.

12 Mar, 2009

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