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where can I purchase this cold-frame?

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

someone was kind enough to write an article about frames, but with no indication of where the pictures-one can be purchased..
thanks so much...




Cheapest place I can find online is on ebay.

Search for:

aluminium cold frame

There were 18 results when I looked but the only one that is called "Aluminum Cold Frame" comes to £30.19 (£23.20 = £6.99 p&p)

You'll have to assemble it yourself and from my experience they can be quite fiddly.

12 Mar, 2009


Actually, just search for 380108657581 in ebay and it will take you directly to it.

The cold frame is made by Gardman if you want to find it elsewhere.

12 Mar, 2009


Have just purchased one of these, paid about £23 all in but can't find where I got it from!

Its a fiddly to put together and quite flimsy, it does the job but I'm thinking i'd should have paid a bit more for a more robust one.

12 Mar, 2009


Glass would have made the frame more rigid than polycarbonate. Our similar looking glass frames came from B&Q a number of years ago. I found the frames easy enough to assemble but the lights were more difficult.

12 Mar, 2009


There were some of these just last week in Lidl. Today is 12 March so they may still have some. I thought they were a bit pricey, about £25. My mum used to use an old drawer with a piece of glass on top. You could make it look a bit quirky!

12 Mar, 2009


I did a sweep last year to find a decent cold frame, and found it difficult, looked at the one you show, but it was not very robust. Finally I found a oak framed one with polycarbonate 'glass' in a garden centre and it has weathered well, am about to fill it again for this year. But... it was £79 - in the end I decided it was worth the outlay

12 Mar, 2009


i would try and make one there are easy to make and by makeing one you can do it to your own size

13 Mar, 2009


IKEA do them, they are called FRO

Copy and paste link into your web browser

13 Mar, 2009


great responses and good info to contemplate...

14 Mar, 2009

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