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Can a bean be identified by it's seed?


By Crystal

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

This is not a quiz and there are no prizes (Sorry!)
But I have saved bean seeds over the years and came across these, unlabled! Does anyone have any ideas as to their variety please? I don't know if they are still viable but shall be planting some in pots for starters to see if any come up!! Was hopeing someone might recognise them.No.1 far left is jet black, if that's of any help




Its almost impossible to tell the variety by the seed. But they look like Runner beans. Plant them and see what grows.

10 Mar, 2009


certainly 2 & 3 look like runners. as for 1 are they also just old discoloured runners. as voulnteer says grow them and let us know. a journey of discovery.

10 Mar, 2009

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