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Hi fellow gardeners, I've just purchased some tulip and daff bulbs for the first time and wondered when I can plant them? Please note that they will be going in pots, not the ground. I'm a bit wary of planting the pots up now incase the bulbs freeze over winter, or am I just being too cautious? Any advice is very welcome. Many thanks in advance! :o)



They go in the pots now, Giggles, so that they can start into growth. Freezing is always an issue but can be tackled by ensuring that the compost does not get too wet and by insulating the pots. I live in the north of Scotland and do not have too much bulb damage from frozen pots in the winter.

2 Oct, 2011


I would plant the Daffs in pots now. Wait till Nov/Dec before planting the Tulips in pots. Remove any pot saucers in the winter and make sure there is good drainage - that will help stop them freezing solid in deepest winter.

2 Oct, 2011


The bulbs can be planted now. They are pretty hardy and so long as you make sure there is free drainage (gravel, broken pots or even bits of polystyrene packaging) at the bottom they should be fine. Raising them on pot feet helps, too, and you could wrap your pots in bubble wrap if you get worried by a prolonged spell of severe weather. Generally, however, they're fine.

2 Oct, 2011


Mine have all gone in, including those in pots. As has been said just make sure the compost or soil does not get to wet, and make sure you have good drainage.

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2 Oct, 2011

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