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Need help with a boxwood plant PLEASE!!!

NC, United States Us

For years I was told my ancestors brought this boxwood over from England in the 1600's. I wasn't sure it was true until today. I finally found our family home in Siler City, NC today. The boxwood is still there after all these years. I was told by a family member that still lives in the house that the plant was brought down from Pennsylvania.
I know the plant was used for medicine purposes. Which is why I believe they brought it over from Engalnd.

Ok. So here is my question. I was lucky enough to get a piece of the boxwood. I was told you can just break them off and stick it the in water to root. Can you really do this and if so then what do I do? I am not good with plants but this plant means the world to me. It is not only just a plant but 100's of years of my Vestal family history. If you can please give me directions on what to do I would be so grateful.

Sorry this ? is so long. I was thrilled to find the house and get the plant.

The picture is of course the boxwood. My long lost family, myself, and my 2 sons

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From RHS website - Box is usually propagated from cuttings. Cuttings of semi-ripe wood will root in the open ground if the soil is moist and there is some shade. More reliable results come from placing cuttings in a cold frame or similar environment; a heated propagator will speed the rooting process. Expect roots to develop after eight weeks as opposed to up to eight months without heat.

8 Mar, 2009


i root loads of plants the way wagger says. good luck with your cuttings

8 Mar, 2009


what a fantastic bit of family history. wagger has found you an excellent source of info. good luck & let us know how you get on.

8 Mar, 2009

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