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wellington, New Zealand Nz

We have a new home and new gardens. Our previous success with rhodos suggested we grow some more at our new home. This spot is a lot hotter, and the leaves are sunburnt and brown. Any suggestions other than relocate or sunshades?

On plant rhoderdendron



The only idea I have is to plant taller shrubs next to them to create some shade for them. Is that a possibility?

7 Mar, 2009


Climate is probably your problem, Clarkies. I have virtual friends in New Zealand and I understand that most of you live in coastal areas where you do get lovely hot,dry summers that are not condusive the growing rhododendron. I have even been told that up here in Scotland we grow we grow NZ natives like Celmisia better in our gardens than they can in NZ!
My, probably unhelpful, suggestion would be that you consider something that like your new climate beter?

8 Mar, 2009

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