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Spring Bulbs


By Sadie

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

If spring bulbs are planted in very wet clay soil will they rot over winter?



does this mean you havent got any bulbs growing? the sad answer is probably yes. . next year plant with lots of grit to improve drainage or even in those bulb baskets with a gritty soil .

7 Mar, 2009


Thanks Seaburngirl. Thinking ahead for next Spring. I havn't tried bulbs in this awful clay soil before.

7 Mar, 2009


Or plant them in ordinary pots and sink them in?? I do that with Lilies!

7 Mar, 2009


Hi Sadie, i had the very same problem, i side stepped that land mine by raising the height of my borders by adding grit and sand then on top some soil improver then finally quality top soil, as some members may remember i moved in last may and had a bare patch of land ( clay ), and now everything is growing steadily and will bloom in the next 6 weeks or so ( dafs and tulips ), photos will be added as and when they bloom ( check out my pics so far )..

Best of luck ,


8 Mar, 2009

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