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Moray, Scotland Sco

I see that in some of the members profiles they list a 'group' yet there is no box for this profile update page. I would like to add SRGC as my group. How do I go about this?



I would guess it's best to contact Admin, and ask them to submit the link. Click on ' contact us' in the large black box that appears at the bottom of every page.

5 Mar, 2009


What does SRGC stand for, Bulbaholic??

Scottish Royal Garden Centre??

Scottish Royal Gardening Champions??

Special Regular Garden Companions??

Superlative Regal Geranium Cultivators??

I just HAVE to know!

BTW, when I got into the 'Yellow Book' Ajay added me to the list and it popped up on my page!

6 Mar, 2009


SRGC stands for Scottish Rock Garden Club.
This is a physical as well as a virtual club of some 3,000 members worldwide, although mostly in Scotland.
Kind Mr Admin has put up a link from my 'Profile' so you can see our website for yourself.
Like GOY the SRGC likes to think of itself as being a very friendly club (otherwise why would I have joined both!) :-)

6 Mar, 2009


AH! Thank you. (I think I prefer my last idea!!!) LOL.

Glad you are 'sorted'.

6 Mar, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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