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lychee plant

Gateshead, United Kingdom Gb

i put a seed from a fruit in a plant pot not believing for one moment it wud take off... its growing very fast only put it in the pot in oct its about 7inches tall... when do i put it outside for the bees to pollinate it to get fruits off it... or will it never work as it involves lots of care to look after it...

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hi there what seed was it

4 Mar, 2009


Sorry to disappoint you C & C. It is doubtful if you will ever get fruit off a lychee that has been grown from seed anywhere at all, let alone in UK. Firstly, the lychee does not grow true from seed. Other propagation methods are used for fruiting trees, I won't go into it because it is quite complex and if you google 'lychee propagation' you will see what I mean. Secondly, global warming is not fast enough. The only successful part of the U.S. for growing lychees is Hawaii. You know Surfing, palm trees 11 months summer, etc. and it is unknown for anybody to successfully grow lychees here (OK some 5 year old RHS member is going to come on and point out that Kew Gardens have done it, but you know what I mean).

The good news is that they are lovely little trees which will sit outdoors in Gateshead from late May to late September then in a big pot in your house the rest of the year. Oh and if anybody wants a year old seedling just PM me and I will send them one (except 5 year old RHS members). I do things just out of interest as well.


4 Mar, 2009


Suddenly I'm tempted to see what happenes with any seed I come accross... Wonder what Kiwi fruit will do...

4 Mar, 2009


Um. You can actually buy kiwi seed tigerlily. I've seen it on eBay. Never been tempted though.

4 Mar, 2009


It was probably because I was sat eating a Kiwi at the time I read this article and once i'd finnished thinking of the small tree's that could grow in my tummy (suspending all rational thought for a moment) I thought hmm... kiwi tree

4 Mar, 2009

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