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what grows well on a partly shady small slope quite wet area at end of my garden,its a new build and just been laid with turf ..not well laid



I grow ligularia dentata and ligularia 'The Rocket' as well as ferns, astilbe, alchemilla mollis and flag iris in a corner of my garden where there is a small spring which crosses under a public boundary fence. They all thrive in the damp conditions which is also in partial shade. Lots of slugs, though!

20 Sep, 2011


thank you Im new at gardening so dont really know what goes where thanks

20 Sep, 2011


Aaaaw you beat me to it Ojibway93 was just going to say ligularia I grow 'Sky Rocket' and Britt-marie-crawford', also persicarias do well in my boggy areas 'Red Dragon' is a real stunner, cimicifuga is another beauty that flowers now and has a wonderful scent and dark foliage.

20 Sep, 2011


If you want large shrubs to cover the end of your garden you could consider the dogwoods. Cornus alba and the various varieties will give you lots of winter interest with the coloured stems. Don't forget to prune heavily in the spring to regenerate the stem colour.

21 Sep, 2011

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