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Which are best tomatoes?


By Crystal

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Which are the best outside tomatoes to grow, seed or plant?
What sort of results have you had?
I have tried the hanging basket (tumbler) variety but was going to try something outdoors in the veg plot,
Any advice or pointers please.
Many thanks.



Personally, I would recommend gardener's Delight everytime.I've never had a problrem with germination and they grow and fruit beautifully. Alicante are easy and quite often grown but I don't think the fruits are particularly tasty. I grew Marmande in a greenhouse a few years ago and they were great. Big tasty, fleshy tomatoes(and interesting shape). They can be grown outside also.

3 Mar, 2009


I did very well last year by using 'Ferline' which was claimed to be blight resistant.
It proved to be true because the two other varieties were ruined by the blight and my best one turned out to be the ferline variety. I started these indoors and then transplanted into 3" pots eventually putting them oudoors.

They do need pinching out and staking,but the fruit was large and the taste was good also. I am relying on Ferline this year also,And although I am also trying three other varieties,I feel happy to know that I have my 'ferlines'.I wish you luck with your garden.

3 Mar, 2009


I've been growing an upright variety called 'Gemini' for many years. The fruit are of average size but very sweet. The only supplier of the seed is Dobies but a packet contains about 25 seeds (enough for two years?). Disease resistance is pretty good - I've only lost them to blight twice in over 25 years. Equally happy outside or in a cold greenhouse

3 Mar, 2009


I'm with Paulthegardener here, Gardener's Delight. I grew 4 plants from seed last year outdoors, and had so many toms I had to give them away!

3 Mar, 2009


Well, I always grow big Beefsteak toms. But then my climate is much different than yours. They are huge and fleshy and very tasty.
I always add some bone meal to the planting hole to fend off blossom end rot. Toms love water too....don't let them dry out.

4 Mar, 2009


Yup! Gardeners Delight. In this part of the world Marmande is the preferred variety. We've grown both with success and will be growing both again this year.

4 Mar, 2009


Thank you all. It seems Gardener's Delight is the most popular so far from your feedback so I think I'll try them and maybe some "Outdoor Girl" if I can find some seed as they have been recommended to me verbally.
Do you have any recommendations for an outdoor beef steak tomato?

4 Mar, 2009


ive only grown beef eaters and money makers before but im going to grow gardeners delight in my hanging baskets aswell as money makers and marmade if you dont have to much space on the ground try some in hangeing baskets

4 Mar, 2009


Moneymaker is also fab, I've got some seedlings on the go now.

4 Mar, 2009

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