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relocation of a cordyline palm


By Patches

Hampahire, United Kingdom Gb

I have had to relocate a the palm due to some building work. I thought at first I would have to get rid of it but the root ball has come out cleanly. I had a big pot and have just placed it in the pot with some good soil. It was to be temporary but we now like it. The plant is 5' high and the pot is 24" across 17" high. Is the pot big enough? could it survive given it's been thriving in the ground? could it go into shock? any help appreciated. Could get a bigger pot but the clay huge pots are really expnsive and have to weigh up if it's worth it! thanks in advance for any help.



all plants well most especialy big ones would rather go in the ground realy.your pot mite be big enough now but if you leave it you will stunt t.thats realy what bonzi`s are excuse the spelling.i would leave for now and play it bye ear as moving it twice will definatly stress it.

3 Mar, 2009


I agree that moving it again will stress it further and the size of the pot is definately restricting the growth of the plant too but sometimes that is what you want - cordylines are common in window boxes and in pots outside shops and office blocks usually because they do fine in pots and have that strong architectural look. If I was you, I'd keep it in the pot for now and leave until next spring when you could either plant it out again or put it in a bigger pot. Don't forget that it will appreciate, feeding like anything growing in pots.

4 Mar, 2009


we said the same thing in a different way lol

4 Mar, 2009


thanks so much, will leave it potted as is, happy with the size it is at present. I will feed it and nuture it and hope it stays with me!

4 Mar, 2009


should do be posative ill keep my fingers crossed

4 Mar, 2009


Is there an update on this Cordyline? Did it survive the transplant into the pot?

6 Aug, 2020

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