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does anyone know what plant this is

uk, United Kingdom Gb

this plant grows in my mums garden and she would love to know what it is. so if anyone can help would be greatfull




Dracunculus vulgaris aka the Dragon Arum.. I've wanted one for a while now!

2 Mar, 2009


Martin, I did not know that Dranunculus would survive outside in the UK. Is it not supposed to require a hot, dry summer rest? Where about does mum live?
Rydeboyz, I think you will find this in the Jaques Amand catalogue.

2 Mar, 2009


Yep certainly Dracunculus Vulgaris, I have 5 shoots coming up at the moment. It is also known as the Voodoo lily. One word of caution, when the flowers are open they let off a really awful smell like rotting flesh as they need to attract flies to pollunate them. This only lasts for a few days but it is best not to plant it too close to your house or a neighbours house. It is more than possible to grow them in the UK, you can grow them in pots if you are concerned about the temperature.

2 Mar, 2009


I grew this outside for many years, even in heavy clay!

2 Mar, 2009


I bought one a couple of weeks ago and it is in a pot. Once flowered it will go down by the pond.

2 Mar, 2009


Thanks for that link Bulbaholic. I found some at J.Parkers and got some Tricyrtis aswell while I was there (and free Pulsatilla).

I'll definitely be buying from there this Autumn though as they have Nomocharis which I've been looking for for ages!

3 Mar, 2009


thank you to everyone that has replyed, good to at last find out what the plant is called, my mum has wanted to know for years, Bulbaholic my mum lives in hampshire in the uk,

3 Mar, 2009


I am no expert but i would say dragon arum.I just bought 5 of them but they are red.My package says Dragon Arum- Vulgaris,andthey are a bulb plant in spring and lift in fall I have pictures on my site,of ones I just bought to plant out in spring. Hope this helped you

4 Mar, 2009

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