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Has anyone had problems growing euphorbia wulfinii.


By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have had two plants both planted in seperate gardens, different parts of the country and both have died in the same way. The leaves start to drop from the bottom up, until no more remain and the plant gives up. Any advice as to why and how to prevent



Are there any new shoots coming up from the base? Euphorbia wulfenii grows bi-ennial shoots, that is, they grow one year and flower the next, then that shoot dies. There should be new shoots growing each year to replace the older ones. However if there are no new shoots growing then I suspect that the root system was not good enough when you planted the plants. Were they bought from a nursery/ g centre or given to you? I have had trouble moving this plant from one side of the garden to the other but have had success with newly bought plants. When you try again, knock the plant out of the pot (before you buy it) to make sure that it has good roots. Don't plant it any deeper than it is in the pot as this could also cause it to rot off. Keep trying as it's a great plant.

5 Mar, 2009

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