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Can anyone identify this plant please?


By Crystal

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

The photos were taken today. This plant came up last year too. It didn't flower, haven't a clue what it is!
Never seen it before last year. Is it a weed? It's growing in a shadey spot in the garden.
Hope someone out there knows what it is !!! (Not the Creeping Buttercup,the other plant).
Before I dig it all up and destroy it.




It looks a bit like Euphorbia but fairly hard to tell.

1 Mar, 2009


It could be sweet woodruff, Galium odoratum but I'm not 100% certain. If so it should have white flowers around May. It does well in shade.

1 Mar, 2009


I agree with elleme sorry rydeboyz, it certainly looks like a woodruff. the flowers are really small.

1 Mar, 2009


Yup I do too now that you mention it!

2 Mar, 2009


Thank you all.
I will leave it be for another year then and see if I can see any flowers appear this year. I know they'll be teeny tiny
so better get down on my hands and knees!

2 Mar, 2009


if you are familair with 'cleavers' or 'sticky buds' the flowers are that sort of size but in a slightly more conspicous cluster.

2 Mar, 2009


I've just thought of another thing that may help ID it. If it's sweet woodruff it should smell like new-mown hay when dried. Some people also mention a vanilla scent but I can't see the connection between the two! I just brought a sprig or two inside as an experiment and couldn't smell much, but I think it's supposed to intensify if you let it dry.

5 Mar, 2009

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