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teracota pots


By Tracyme

United Kingdom Gb

i would like to know why my pots have gone all green on the outside? and how can i stop this? it jet washs off but just comes back :-(
hope you can help



It's algae. It happens because teracotta soaks up water and is often wet for long periods of time.

I don't think there is a permanent solution but putting the pot somewhere where it doesn't sit in water will help.

28 Feb, 2009


As Rydeboyz says, it is a green algae. You cannot stop it forming, I wish you could, but you can slow it down. After cleaning and drying the pots take a plastic kitchen pot scrubber ( the green scritchel pads) and put a very small amount of cooking oil on it. Rub this hard into the pot then use a clean cloth to rub off any excess oil.
A lot of my clays are in a sand plunge and only the rim of these goes green.

1 Mar, 2009

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