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Seeds from Vietnam


By Rebel

United Kingdom Gb

Is it safe to plant seeds in the UK that were bought in Vietnam. They are flower/shrub variety



Yes it's fine so long as it's not an illegal plant like Cannabis. You can by seeds on ebay from all over the world.

What seeds have you got, out of curiosity?

27 Feb, 2009


Thanks for the quick reply.
I'm not sure what they are, there's a few that look like hard small raisins and the others are medium brown, oval and about 80mm. Not much help am I?

27 Feb, 2009


No but they sound interesting :-) Good luck with them!

27 Feb, 2009


You are probably concerned about invasive species, Rebel, like Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed. These were originally introduced by plant collectors but they also brought in the thousands of god garden plants that we grow today.
You will be alright with these Vietnamese seeds provided you keep them 'captive' until they can be identifed and pronounced safe.

27 Feb, 2009


Thanks guys for your speedy help. Will follow your advice and see what comes up.

27 Feb, 2009

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