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the water liles in my pond are in a basket. They have now sunk to the bottom of the pond, will they resurface or what do i have to do to bring then to the top again

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my water liles have sunk to the bottom of the pond, how can i make then resurface



hi the pots should be on the bottom. the lily leaves will grow to the surface often a couple of inches in a day. the flower buds then do the same. How deep are they now. some varieties are shallow water ie 8-12 in. others are 12-24'' and some even deeper thanthat 36''. big flower ones tend to be deep water plants. small flowers shallower water.

i have stones in the pots to anchor them and i 'tie' the lily rhizomes in using fishing line so you cant see it. hope this helps.

25 Feb, 2009



hi the roots which look like long cobs are tie together in a basket, and are about18" from the top of the water line, last year when i moved here there was a lot of leaves at the top of the water, cant see and leaves at the moment will they grow when the water warms up

25 Feb, 2009


yes the leaves do die off or they turn brown and then just pull them off. i can see the bottom of my pond 36inches deep and there are signs of buds right at the bottom. through march and april when the water warms up they will get growing. these 'cobs' are typical of the rhizomes, the 'scars' are previous years growing points. 18 ins suggest it is a mid depth plant and should be fine. if the basket is floating you do need to sink it though. washed gravel, pebbles, stones, old brick without any mortar as it is too alkaline is all good ballast.
do you have fish? if yes avoid gravel as they will disturb it and scatter it over the bottom of the pond.

25 Feb, 2009

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