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Horse Manure!

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hi! A local lady is going to give me some horse manure. As I don't know how old it'll be, should I put it under some topsoil, or will it be ok to use it as topsoil???? I'm also worried about putting it on top, because my dog is a bit stupid and once ate some "blood, bone and fish" manure that I put on the beds!!! (yuk!!! and yes, she did stink after!!!!) Thanks for any help!!! Lindsey :-)



It would be safer to do one or more things with it.

1. Add a layer to your compost bin. This helps the compost along really well!

2. Put it in bags or a bin to rot down until you are satisfied that it is ready for use.

3. Dig some in around 'hungry' plants such as roses and Clematis, but don't let it touch their stems.

You are lucky - a good present!

Funnily enough, the first time I opened a box of b, f & b when my Lab was with me, he went mad! He backed away and barked his head off! He does sniff at it now, but hasn't tried to eat any (as far as I know)...

25 Feb, 2009


CN, it might sound obvious, but have you tried to get an answer on this from the lady herself before the present arrives?
And Spritz, how old is "well-rotted" when it comes to horse poo, bcos I'd like to find some too, or is that not a simple question - perhaps it depends on season, air temperature etc? Can you only tell by appearance and texture?

25 Feb, 2009


Yes, it changes texture and smell. When it's 'done' it has no smell and you can't see that it used to be in lumps....What a horrible conversation we're having!

We usually let it stay in its bin for about 6 months after collecting it.

25 Feb, 2009


no, strongly disagree, lol.
this is a valuable resource for the garden and if it doesn't even smell after a short while, who's worrying?
Thanks Horsies everywhere! : ))
6 months-ish is a useful rule of er, thumb.

25 Feb, 2009


I didn't mean the manure is horrible!!!!

You would laugh if you saw me trotting up the lane with my bucket and shovel - we have a lot of horses round here, and I don't like to see it go to waste! Hehe!

25 Feb, 2009


I do the bucket trip as well Spritz. There is a bridle path behind our house and why let a good resource go to waste? But I then give it a good year to rot. I'm a coward when it comes to fresh nitrates. Lol.


26 Feb, 2009


Thanks for all this advice! I'm really grateful! I'm hoping this lady will let me collect more in future, really useful!!! I laughed my head off at the thought of you lot running up the path with your bucket and spades!!!! teehee!!! Ah, a spot of light relief to cheer us all up in the depths of winter!

26 Feb, 2009

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