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Help identifying plants (2)


By Mrsbob

Oklahoma, United States Us

I would like to know what this plant is so I can properly care for it. I also would like to know if it can be transplanted outdoors. I inherited these from a family funeral. Thanks!




Plz dont take my word for it , im just a learner , but I think its a peace lily , ive got one in the house that we got as a present , it started off as 6 leaves and now it take up the whole window , mines doesnt like direct sunlight so the blinds are tilted slightly when the sun shines on the window , when the leaves start to droop I stand it in a basinfull of water for a few hours , thats all the attention it gets .Hope this helps

3 Jun, 2007


Spath pyllium ( Peace Lily)

5 Jun, 2007


Hi MrsBob, I saw some peace lilies growing quite happily outside in one of the Bentley village gardens I visited, they're in the visits section so you can get an idea of climate (South England), not sure what it's like in Oklahoma! :o)

10 Jun, 2007

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