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what plants do wel in shade


By Gander

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

my garden is in the shade



Hi Gander,
yesterday Runnerbean asked a similar question and i and others made some suggestions. look back to that to save me typing out the lists again. hope this helps.

25 Feb, 2009


My garden has shady areas from fences. If yours is from fences remember that shade is triangular and anything that can grow up into the light will do well eventually. Otherwise try Euphorbia robbiae, ferns, ivies, Hellebores, Mahonia, Aucuba, Fatsia japonica, Fuchsias, Bergenias. Lots of things will grow but may not flower at all. Choose plants with interesting leaves instead.

28 Feb, 2009


If you fancy some wildflowers how about looking at some UK woodland flowers? Suffolk herbs have some lovely varieties that will give you flowers even without the sun on them.
In my shady areas I grow honeysuckle quite well, Lords and ladies and lily of the valley which spreads and smells gorgeous.

1 Mar, 2009

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