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Aubretia Deltoidea

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hi! Does anyone know where I can buy this as a plant, plug or very last resort, seeds? I've not had any luck on google! Thanks, Lindsey



Almost every garden centre in Britain has a large number of Aubrieta deltoidea, either as coloured or named ones. You will pay anything from 85 pence to £1.69 for a 7cm pot depending on where you go.

25 Feb, 2009


Can you tell me were abouts you are in the country and I will see if there is a nursery where you can order Plants from.
If you can borrow a copy of the Rhs Plant Finder 2008 -2009 there are all the different varieties there.

25 Feb, 2009


Thanks! I didn't realise that all aubretia were deltoidea! Duh!!! I rang my son and he told me to try "froogle" as google and weren't giving me anything! I've now ordered several more plants that I couldn't find! Eeeeek, my bank balance, ooops!!! Thanks so much for your help!

25 Feb, 2009


To be very pedantic and accurate, all Aubrieta are not deltoidea, there are other species. However, unless you go to a specialist outlet the 'common' ones are all forms of deltoidea.
I gorw one called A.d. Elsa Lancaster. It is very odd shaped and not easy to keep going, but a beautiful plant when grown properly.
Chiltern do packets of mixed colour seeds.

26 Feb, 2009


Thanks Owdboggy! I'll let you know when they arrive! They should flower a pink colour anyway and I've planned to put them in my herb pot, to cascade down and look pweeeety!!!

27 Feb, 2009

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