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I'm hoping to keep a few chickens (probably three or so), and am looking for like-minded people to share ideas. Anyone out there already doing it?


By Mrjolly

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Some support and encouragement would be great. I'm looking at building a run approx 12ft square to keep them off the main garden, quite close to the greenhouse and about 20ft from the house. I already have a coop which is a self-assembly job I bought on the Internet and is actually very good (from my point of view, but then I'm not a chicken!) Noise? Smell? Aversion to Border Terriers? Any advice would be appreciated.




You can send Private messages to members if you would prefer. There is a member called 'Ikledigga' who has a small holding and keeps chickens. I would recommend you send her a message and ask if she can give you any advice. Click on the Members tab at the top and search for her there.

22 Feb, 2009


One of the all important points is, do not over feed only what they clear up immediately as it will draw rats. Keep the feed in a sealed bin. they will come from nowhere!! and if there are rats you wont get any eggs. Border terriers and chickens not a good mix!!! if they get out together
although he would certainly sort a rat problem if it ever arose and he will certainly let you know if they are around!!!A small run can get a bit messy in wet weather, put plenty of bark down to stop it getting mucky and it will give them plenty to scratch in. Not good for the garden in the tidy time, but let out for short periods they do a good job of eating the bugs you may need a little sweep up after anything they scratch about but no harm. If you let them out for a short while, let them out in the late afternoon, it will save you having to catch them, they will go in to roost with the dusk. and you will find they mostly ley their eggs in the morning, so they wont ley about outside. But you may have to clip the feathers on the tips of their wings to stop them flying over the fence. A Little extra thought, when the bark breaks down and needs renewing, it will be good fertiliser for your garden, but put on sparingly as chicken manure is very high in nitrogen quite strong. Good luck and enjoy them.

22 Feb, 2009


Hi Mrjolly, welcome to GOY.
I agree with Telme, but if you want to make a 12x12 run, or smaller if you are only having 3 chicken, you can make it portable with a covered top and a handle at each corner for 4 people to move it as required. An ideal way of cleaning the ground and for you to be able to use for vegs. etc. without it getting too boggy.

22 Feb, 2009


isnt someone on here rescuing about thirty chickens about now

22 Feb, 2009

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