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what does apos;s mean

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I've been browsing the garden shop section and several plants are listed as eg Bears 's & breeches, Bishops 's Hat. is it me? what does apos mean? clearly Bishops hat is epimedium but it doesnt list the latin name. dont like not knowing things :-{



It looks like an error with the formatting..

apos seems to mean apostrophe

Bear(apostrophe)s Britches = Bear's Britches

19 Feb, 2009


I hate it when they don't use the latin names - you don't know if it's exactly what you want, do you? You really need both, the common name for some people who aren't happy with latin, and the latin name for people who are looking for a particular cultivar.

Did you tell the people at the garden shop? It must have been VERY confusing!

20 Feb, 2009


Thanks Rydeboyz, this makes sense but I'm not that computer literate so I didnt know you could format this sort of thing.
I have mentioned it to them Spritzhenry and they thanked me for my comments! in the old days it would probably have been thankyou and it will be filed as appropriate.

20 Feb, 2009


Ah, but will they do anything about it? You'll have to go back there and take a look!

20 Feb, 2009


I will spritzhenry. but will i hold my breath? dont think so.

20 Feb, 2009


you were correct Rydeboyz, i emailed the GOY people and thats what they came back with too. thanks.

22 Feb, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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