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do i have to trim my budlia



The correct spelling is Buddleia (named for someone called Buddle). You can prune it anytime from now. Cut it down to about 12 inches (or less if you're braver) just above a set of buds. this will encourage it to bush out and give you more shoots with more flowers. Do this every year or else it will get leggy and all the flowers will be way too high up. You can't kill it.

19 Feb, 2009


Definitely. They need to be cut back hard in early spring (about now really). You need to cut down the tall stems, shortening them to low growing emerging shoots. They become very straggly and produce less flowers if you dont prune them.

19 Feb, 2009


thank you

19 Feb, 2009


i weave mine into a living hedge...fedge. it holds itself up and doesent flop all over the place.

19 Feb, 2009


I have done mine today down to 2 buds, in this case its 18inches from the ground. I have shredded it all and stuck it behind the garage for 6 months to 'mature', before putting it on the borders as a mulch.
sandra the fedge sounds fantastic does it still flower well?

20 Feb, 2009


we get loads of flowers Seaburngirl

its about to get a good trim back to the framework of older stems.
then it grows as normal but more upright.
i trim back after the flowers and weave the rest back into itself. its about six years old and six foot high.

20 Feb, 2009

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