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What is happening to my tree?

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Had a lemon tree in October, which is growing in the conservatory, so hardly any heat, has been fine until a week ago now all the leaves are falling off, yet it has lots of new flower buds, I am feeding it with citrus fertilizer, watering with rain water, sprayed it for red spider there anything else I should be doing... thanks in anticipation!!

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I wouldn't worry. Mine do this regularly (Lemon, Lime, Cumquat and Orange) about this time of year then pick up again about May. Don't know what causes it and as it rights itself, I haven't bothered researching it. I don't think its broke, so don't fix it. The only thing I find is that if I water less at this time of year it happens less. Sorry to be so vague and unscientific.


19 Feb, 2009


The pot looks a little small, how about potting it up into the next size? Use a special citrus compost mixture.

19 Feb, 2009


Not an expert by any means, but the natural time for citrus trees to fruit is during British winter time, so possibly your tree is just having a rest until it picks up again later, ready to fruit again next winter? In southern Spain it's a lovely sight when all the orange trees are heavy with fruit during December and January, then I guess they take a break like any other fruit tree.

20 Feb, 2009


Thanks everyone for your replies, I dont think it needs repotting but will try putting it in some citrus compost, might as well, the flowers are now dropping off......other than that it looks fine!! was looking forward to adding a lemon to my gin and tonic, thanks again.

22 Feb, 2009

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