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I live in Tulum with poor quality soil. I am growing limes but the leaves are all turning yellow. What can I add to bring the green back into the leaves?



Epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate).

7 Nov, 2009


Will they have that where Jir. lives Fractal?

7 Nov, 2009


I don't think they have that here in this part of Mexico. I will try to find some. If not is there a second best solution?
Thank you

7 Nov, 2009


It is Magnesium sulphate J.

7 Nov, 2009


Its a small world. I was surfing last night looking a villas to rent in Tulum for my 60th birthday. I had a look on google maps satellite and it looked great. If I get a villa I'll bring you some Epsom salts.

7 Nov, 2009


Thank you. That would be great to get a special delivery of Epsom salt for my poor little tree. Tulum is good for diving, open water or cave dive. It is good for kiteboarding but "surfing" not really....there are no big waves for real surfing. Hope you get to visit Tulum. It is paradise

7 Nov, 2009


Try getting Epsom Salts (MgS04) from a pharmacy or grocery superstore from looking on the internet you can get it in Mexico it worth trying as it will work very well. Jiritulum

8 Nov, 2009


There is at least one pharmacy for every street corner. Will try it today


9 Nov, 2009


Hi again.

Just a final check,

Magnesium (and) Manganese deficiency:

Iron and Zinc deficiency:

10 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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