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Can I split Japanese azalea?


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

When i repot My Japanese Azalea Can i Split the 2 plants that are in this pot & put into their own pots ?????

On plant Rhododendron




If you can tease the roots apart without breaking them that's a good idea, if my memory serves me right I think they are acid loving plants and need an ericaceous compost when you transplant them.

28 Mar, 2008


Thanx Tussiemussie iv got the Ericaceous Compost 2 do the job ;)

28 Mar, 2008


Don't forget - if you have hard water, give them rain water, not from the tap

28 Mar, 2008


Thanx Andrewr id seen that somewhere & so i give it the water from my Water Butts in garden:)

28 Mar, 2008

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