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What is reclaimed land in an horticulture sense

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conditions and obsticles to consider when clearing a site of reclaimed land



This sounds like a course question to me!

Think about it. what would be growing there? What rubbish might have to be (safely) removed?
The land would need to be completely cleared of all scrub - probably brambles, nettles, bindweed and possibly Buddleja which tends to grow on such areas. Then the roots would have to be dug out and the whole area cleaned up before any work on replanting could be planned.

The whole area would need double- digging as it would have been drained of nutrients. Need I go on - I seem to be writing your essay for you?

19 Feb, 2009


Course, it's not that rude!! lol

19 Feb, 2009


Oh Andrea! That's an AWFUL pun! LOL.

19 Feb, 2009

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