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Spot On Weed Killer ???


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Iv a Odd Nettle & Bramble growing where i dont want them & dont want2 distrub the Soil/Ground their Rooted in is there a Good Weed Killer i can Brush On2 the Nettle/Bramble without Harming The Other Plants/Flowers Close to them?



I read that you can mix up some weedkiller and stir it into some wallpaper paste, then 'paint ' it onto the leaves of odd weeds. Use glyphosate and see if it works! The brambles might need several 'goes' but I should imagine that the nettles would get killed off doing this.

I hope it works, Jacque. Good luck!

18 Feb, 2009


Just to add to that Spritz, I found, in a similar situation, that putting a paper or carrier bag, with an elastic band round the neck, over the glyphosated area helped it work.


18 Feb, 2009


Thanx Spritz /John il give it ago how uv both z Carrier Bag & Paste :D

18 Feb, 2009


Hi Jacque,

Is it the common stinging nettle your talking about ?, because if it is then you can put it to good use.

Pick the leaves of the nettle ( with gloves ofcourse ) place them in an old pair of tights or similar and tie up, drop into a bucket of cold water and leave for 2 weeks and then lift out the nettle leaves and throw away, the remaining water can now be bottled and used as a natural insecticide thats superb for greenfly, blackfly and aphids etc etc... this potion is really affective on roses. I tried this a few years ago on a heavily affected rose bush and a few days later is was cleared of all pests.

Hope this helps........


18 Feb, 2009


Wow! Sounds great Paul i do have a Area Of My Garden Thats Full Of Common Nettles which i leave for The Butterflys ect so the Odd 1s i want to Rid of are no loss :) I will how ever give your Potion a Try :) Many Thanx for Sharing this :)

18 Feb, 2009


You could use a glyphosate spray. I cut the bottom off a large plastic bottle, put it over the weed and spray into the top. Adding to Paul's tip, nettles make a good compost activator too.

18 Feb, 2009


Great idea Wagger iv lots of Empty Cola Bottles & Only Need 4/5! Now Useing Nettles as a Compost Activator would i just use the Leafs Wagger ? Iv also heard it makes a Good Plant Food ? How does that work Any ideas? Many Thanx 2 every 1 so far 4 all the Help &Info im getting its a Great Help :)

18 Feb, 2009


Another tip for Bindweed, put some Roundup (cannot spell Glyphosate) in one of those long thin tubes in which Denture cleaning tabelts are sold. push it into the ground near the bind weed and gently push the tip into the weedkiller and hold in place with a few dead leaves. The plant drinks up the weedkiller and takes in a lot more than it would just spraying.

18 Feb, 2009


Goodness that sounds A Great Cure for Horrid Bind Weed Owdboggy ,Iv so much of that Stuff In My Garden so thanx for this Tip :)

18 Feb, 2009


Everything but the roots, Jacque. For plNettle leaves can be used to make an easy to use, if somewhat smelly, plant food. Best of all it's free!

To make your nettle fertiliser you will need only four things:

Nettles! - obviously.
A watertight container - a large bucket is adequate.
Water, and
A wait, sorry a weight. Not essential but makes the process easier as I will explain.
First take your nettles. These are best as young stems but can be taken at any time. Quicker results are obtained if the nettle stems and leaves are bruised.

Then crush them. This can be done by scrunching the stems in gloved hands or by placing the stems on a freshly mown lawn and using your mower to chop and collect the nettles at the same time. The addition of a few grass clippings that results from using this method does not affect the quality of the finished product.

Immerse in water Stuff the crushed stems into your bucket. Place your weight on top of the stems. You may have to use a little ingenuity here - I have used a broken paving slab in the past. A brick and a piece of wire mesh cut to suit the cointainer serves equally well. Fill the container with water sufficient to cover the nettles and...

Leave to brew. This is where the original wait comes in. You may also consider placing the bucket away from the areas in the garden that you use most as the soup tends to get rather smelly.

Dilute to taste. After around three or four weeks the liquid should be ready for use. The mixture should be diluted until it is tea coloured - usually around 1 part liquid to 10 parts water. Water liberally around or on the plants and see the benefits.

Repeat until winter. Continue to top up your container with more leaves and water through the year. As autumn sets in put the remainder of the feed and the sludge in your compost heap. Give your container a rinse and store for next year!
That's from :
There's a recipe for nettle soup on that site as well.

19 Feb, 2009


Thats Brilliant Wagger Thanx so much in taking the time to Type all this 4 me when u could of just sent me to the Site :) Many Thanx Again :) Jac x

19 Feb, 2009


Can't take the credit for that, Jacque - it's good old cut and paste.

19 Feb, 2009


The Wonders Of PCs Hey Wagger:)

19 Feb, 2009

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