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my Tropaeolum azureum tubers look great but they wont come into growth in the autumn, any advice?

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peter lawrence

On plant Tropaeolum azureum



What sort of tubers are we talking about? The name of the plant would be helpful

18 Feb, 2009


yes of course! i put the species name in the box, but for some reason it was not conveyed.

I bet you dont know the answer, but if you do i will be pleased, the species is Tropaeolum azureum

thanks for replying. peter

18 Feb, 2009


What are your growing conditions Peter? The Chilean Nasturtium is classed as tender and unless they are under heat I doubt if they would.


18 Feb, 2009


thanks for asking, i have been growing Tropaeolums for some years, i have 5 species growing, but the azureum doesnt come up, even though the tubers look fine, and yes i grow them in the conservatory and they have a cold winter and flowered beautifully last year and made me about 10 tubers which looked fine when i potted them last spring 2008, but this autumn they never sent up their spidery growths, like i wish they would, even though 4 other species are growing

18 Feb, 2009


i grow 5 species very well in my conservatory, but T azureum grew beautifully last year and made 10 tubers which i repotted in spring 2008, but in autumn 2008 they did not send out shoots as the other species did. I kept them dry throughout the summer, but i havent dug up the tubers yet to see if they are just sleeping, rahter than dead. Others have reported that they sometimes rest for several years, but i want to ginger them into life peter

18 Feb, 2009


I paraphrase from the Scottish Rock Garden Club and must give credit (or blame) to that organisation for this:

'Repot it every second year and do this very early, even as the growth still has a few signs of green showing. The reason to do this is that the corm sometimes starts to root very early as the foliage is dying back and if you disturb the rooting process at all then the corm will remain dormant. When it is repotted, let it sit in a shady spot and water it in September and just like all the other bulbs it must not dry out or it will retreat to a prolonged dormancy.' (Presumably that means beyond it's normal summer dormancy).

Like many answers on here I can't be sure but this seems the best. Hope it is of some help.


18 Feb, 2009


thanks, sounds plausible, peter

18 Feb, 2009

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