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cats and borders

North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know if citrus peel works to keep cats off a newly dug border, or any other tips at the moment i have put lots of bamboo canes in it to try and keep them off, i can almost see the neighbourhood cats queueing up to use it!!!




Ha I bet you can too. I dont see why citrus peel shouldn't work, because the cat repellant that you can buy has a citrus odour, but I think you might have to eat a lot of oranges...........

17 Feb, 2009


hi sewingkilla i have a gravel driveway the cats were using it for a toilet for years mixed some jeys fluid in a watering can and put that down and that stopped them but dont think you can put it near plants but put it on the path around the boarder good look

17 Feb, 2009


Have you got any holly you could cut and poke in the soil? That used to work for me when I had empty dug over spaces which seems to be what cats like.

17 Feb, 2009


This question pops up on here every few weeks it would appear. Have a look on 'related questions' just below the comments and you may find some useful tips on there

17 Feb, 2009


The most successful thing I've used on borders where I was growing seedlings is upsidedown empty wire hanging baskets on the earth. Like little domes over the soil until the plants got going.

20 Feb, 2009


thats a good idea Elleme think i'll use that when i plant seedlings thanks

20 Feb, 2009

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