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My trailing Fuschia is well, dead.. I think ..

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So I have a trailing fuschia that I aquired from my old job a few months ago. over the xmas time, I actually had it grow a flower!! (me.. a flower!!) then I got really sick and was out of work for a week and half, and nobody thought to water my plant.. even though I called in and asked.. (they just forgot..) well now it is just dead looking, no more sprouts, the 4 main branches even look all dried out and dead, it has been a few weeks not and I am not sure what to do.. I don't have a green thumb or know anything about plant.. I googled it.. but I need help.. please..




scrape a tiny part of the brown bark with your nail, if it shows green it is still alive. water it sparingly at first if it is. as buds grow increase the watering & feed. once new growth is visible trim any dead material off. If the photo was current there is a green leaf so it is alive.
good luck

17 Feb, 2009


Wait out, dont frow him just yet. He looks like he has a green leaf on him. I would trim him back to that leaf and trim the other branches back about a third to a bud or node. Give him a drink and place him where he can get quite a bit of natural sun light but not baked in the sun.
Then leave him for a bit and see what happens.

Let us know if he recovers.

17 Feb, 2009



I refuse to give up on this lil guy.. Charlie.. that is his name

17 Feb, 2009


As above, hang in there with Charlie for a little while longer. It is possible that he has just lost his leaves for winter and will soon bounce back.

17 Feb, 2009


hi mine just looked like that but mine came around and flowered

18 Feb, 2009


Oh no! He does look poorly, I hope he can be revived - I HATE it if I lose a plant, it's almost like losing a friend or relative! Good luck Charlie - come on, we know you can get better.

18 Feb, 2009

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