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I have just had my garden dug down to wall foundations so as to raise the height of my garden. Can you tell me what is the best way in building up my infill. The builders will be dumping rubble from an extension into it first. Is this OK



Hi Katearthur, welcome to GOY.
It will be OK if the soil on top is 9ins. deep. You may be having a patio area over it, in which case you need no soil, only hard core. Don't infringe your damp course, it must be 2 bricks clear.

17 Feb, 2009


Hello, Katearthur and welcome to GOY from another newcomer.
It is OK to grow plants over an area where you have buried rubble but make sure that there are no void spaces between the rubble - with time the soil above will collapse into the voids and you will have holes (seen it, done it and got the 't' shirt). Get the builders to spread the rubble over the whole of the floor of the excavion and, if you can, mix soil in with it as you go along.
I don't know what you want to do with the raised ground but for my type of garden I would be mixing soil, grit and composted bark and add a bit of bone meal as nurishment.

17 Feb, 2009


the builders rubble will provide good drainage for the grassed areas, but any borders will need a decent amount of soil beneath , especially if you intend to grow any shrubs or trees , so best if you plan the garden first , mark the lawn areas and fill as required with rubble .........steve

17 Feb, 2009

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