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I have a very sheltered south facing fence. would it be possible to grow bourganvillia outside if I protect it with fleece in the winter



The hardiest variety is Bourganvillia Glabra, I have heard of people trying, but not will too much success, especially after the frosts and adverse weather we have had recently. You can give it a try by wrapping it in fleece, but it will probably die down over Winter and re-grow again in the Spring. I love tropical plants and have had visions of Bourganvillia growing up a hot wall, but I don't think even I would risk it, even on the Isle of Wight.

15 Feb, 2009


Why not try growing one indoors, maybe in a warm sunny conservatory?? You don't say where in the UK you are, but I would guess that if you are in the northern portion, you may not have much luck. We are on the south coast and the weather has no been very kind to our Canary Palm this year. We've had it in the same position for almost 3 years and it's not looking very well at the moment. The Bouganvillia's I've seen have always been when we're on holiday in warmer climates - beautiful plants.

16 Feb, 2009


I fell in love with Bougainvilla during holidays many years ago and now that I live in Spain I thought I'd give one a go as, even though we are in the north, we get lovely hot summers but we do get rather cold winters. I duly bought the red variety, planted it to climb up one of the columns under the balcony and during that summer it was gorgeous. I wrapped in it fleece for the winter then when I checked it on a lovely warm day the following Spring - it had died. I've given up now and just admire them when we travel south.

16 Feb, 2009

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