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Croton and dracaena after black frost

Florida, United States

Other of my plants suffered after several frosts in Florida this February. All but one croton and dracaena lost all their leaves and I pruned them to the ground, except dracaena - I only pruned until healthy tissue on each branch. What should I do next? How long to wait to see if they will come back? I guess I had to put warm blankets over them before the frost danger - how stupid of me to make plants suffer like that when it could have easily been prevented. Thank you.

On plant Croton & Dracaena



Just leave them as they are, maybe give them a feed. As I have just said to you about your Scheffleras, watch for signs of new growth. Depending on your weather, it shouldn't be too long.

All the plants you've mentioned have to be grown indoors here!

16 Feb, 2009

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